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  1. In spite of his terrible behaviour, David doesn’t hate him, but he is very sorry for the Peggotty family. His only comfort is Dora, who is like a beautiful angel.
  2. Something wonderful happened. Mr Spenlow invited David to a picnic to celebrate Dora’s birthday.
  3. He buys expensive new clothes and new boots and on the day of the picnic he gets fresh flowers for Dora.
  4. Dora looks splendid in her sky-blue dress and white hat and she has good news for David. Miss Murdstone isn’t there she’ll be away for at least 3
  5. Because there are a lot of young men at the picnic who know Dora, talk to her and take her away from him.
  6. Dora’s best friend, Julia Mills, who informs him that Dora is going to stay with her next week. She asks David to visit Dora in her house in London.
  7. They sit on the sofa together holding hands. They talk about how much they love each other and they become secretly engaged. When David can’t visit Dora, he sends her secret love letters. She writes to him too and calls him “Darling Doady”.
  8. She doesn’t have any more money; she’s poor! During her life she has always saved money and Mr Wickfield helped her invest it in the right companies. But recently she thought he wasn’t doing a good job, so she invested it herself. That was a mistake, because she lost it all and there’s nothing left.
  9. He must make more money and needs another job, so he becomes a secretary for Dr Strong, he writes reports for the newspapers about Parliament and he continues to study and work for Mr Spenlow.
  10. Dora is frightened and starts crying. She loves David and wants to marry him, but she doesn’t understand any of this. She has always had servants and has never worked in her life. She’s not a strong person – she’s weak and not practical, just a silly young girl. David realizes that Dora, who was born in a rich family, can’t understand the problems of the poor.
  11. Miss Murdstone, she has David’s love letters to Dora. Mr Spenlow is very angry and orders David not to see his daughter again. When David tells him that they are engaged, he shouts and tells David to forget Dora. She will marry a rich gentleman, not a poor student like David. Then he makes David go back to his desk and work.
  12. When David goes to the office the other clerks tell him that Mr Spenlow died last night because of a heart attack. He also finds out that Mr Spenlow owed a lot of money. Now, both David and Dora are poor and can’t see each other.

Chris – chapter eight:


1. Daniel Peggotty, who has found little Emily. Daniel heard that she went to Italy with Steerforth and that they lived there for some time. But then Steerforth became tired of her and left her. Emily didn’t know what to do and came back to London and that’s where he found her.
2. He wants to take Emily to Australia, a new country, where no one knows
anything about her past. They can start a new life there. Ham and Peggotty
will stay in Yarmouth, where they know everyone. David is very happy and
wishes Daniel and Emily lots of luck in their new life.
3. He receives a strange letter from Mr Micawber who wants to see David and
Traddles at the Wickfields’ house. David, Traddles, Aunt Betsey and Mr Dick
travel to Canterbury, but Dora doesn’t go because she’s too ill.
4. Mr Micawber takes everyone to Uriah’s office who is surprised and asks Mr
Micawber to return to his desk. He doesn’t listen to Uriah and when Agnes and
Mrs Heep come into the office he exposes Uriah and shows everyone that he
is a hypocrite, a dishonest man and a liar. He knows all of Uriah’s secrets.
5. Uriah stole money from Mr Wickfield’s business, told him that he was
responsible and poor Mr Wickfield, who was afraid of Uriah, believed him.
Uriah encouraged Mr Wickfield to drink and then he stole money from his
clients. He took Miss Betsey Trotwood’s money too. He’s a liar and a thief.
6. Yes, he found a small notebook that Uriah tried to burn in the fireplace. All his dark secrets are in there and that’s the proof!
7. Traddles asks Uriah to give back all the money he has stolen, tell Mr Wickfield the truth and give them all his papers. When he refuses to do so, Traddles threatens to send him to prison, and so Uriah agrees to everything. Traddles carefully examines the small notebook and Uriah’s false papers. In the end, Aunt Betsey gets her money back, Mr Wickfield isn’t afraid and Agnes is happy.
8. She tells him that he’s a brave man who has just solved a very serious
problem and he replies that it was the only right thing to do. Then Aunt Betsey
decides to give him some money to go to Australia with his family. It’s a new
land with lots of opportunities for a clever man like him. He and his family can
start a new life there. Mrs Micawber thanks her and says that she has always
known that her husband was a great man. He will do great things in Australia
and their children will have a much better future. And that’s the end of Uriah Heep’s evil power and Agnes and her father are happy together once again.

Melina – chapter nine (part 1)


1. Poor Dora was very ill. She stayed in her room all the time and the sitting room looked empty without her.
2. She asked him if he could ask Agnes to visit her.
3. She went upstairs to see Dora. David knew that Dora could not live long. The
doctor had told him that she was seriously ill. Then David heard Agnes’s voice
from Dora’s bedroom and when she came downstairs he knew that Dora was
4. Emily wrote a letter to Ham and she wanted David to give it to him. In the letter she asked Ham to forgive her.
5. There was a terrible storm with strong winds and heavy rain.
6. David went to the hotel to sleep, but he couldn’t because the wind was making a lot of noise.
7. He went to the beach where he saw a group of men looking at the sea.
8. They told him that two ships had gone down and that they hadn’t been able to save any of the men because of the high waves.
9. Yes, and it was in great danger of sinking. David could see several men on it
and one in particular was good-looking and shouted to the others. Then an
enormous wave came and the ship started going underwater. David could still
see the good-looking young man, but it was impossible to help him.
10. Ham, he was running on the beach towards the sea. He had tied one
end of a rope around his body and three strong men held the other end.

Christina – chapter nine (part 2)

1. That it was too dangerous and he would kill himself. David told him not to try to save that man.
2. No, he jumped into the water and swam towards the ship. He disappeared
under a huge wave. His friends pulled the rope, but Ham arrived on the beach
3. It went down with a loud crash, and after the storm the villagers found one of
the ship’s passengers: Steerforth! So David lost two friends in one stormy
4. He was too upset so he left and travelled around Europe. One evening he
received a letter from Agnes. He realized that he loved Agnes and that she
was perfect for him.
5. (1) He was working as a lawyer and was married to a girl called Sophie.
(2) His aunt was rich again and moved back to her house in Dover, where she
lived with Mr Dick and Peggotty.
(3) They were living happily in Australia, and Mr Micawber was an important
man in his town.
6. Because she wanted to protect her friend.
7. No, she wasn’t married and his aunt told him that she had a special person in her heart.
8. Her father was now poor, but happy, and Agnes gave lessons in her home.
9. Yes, she told him that she had always loved him. She also told him that before Dora died she asked her to fill the empty space in his heart.
10. 20 years, and they live happily with their wonderful children and their dear

Mary – chapter seven:


1. She is worried about David’s health because he’s always sad and pale since
he can’t stop thinking about Dora. She suggests his going to Canterbury to
visit the Wickfields for a few days.
2. Yes, and he is glad to be there again- in such a beautiful city with its great
3. He sees Mr Micawber who seems embarrassed. He is there because Uriah
Heep, his friend, offered him work.
4. That her father has become very weak and drinks too much; now he’s under
Uriah’s control. She also tells him that Uriah’s mother lives there too.
5. She suggests writing to Dora’s aunts asking them if he could visit Dora
occasionally. Agnes is very happy that David is in love.
6. Mrs Heep, because Uriah thinks that David is his rival and ‘all is fair in love’ as he says. David explains to him that he is engaged to another woman and
Agnes is like a sister to him.
7. Uriah raises his glass and drinks to Agnes. He also says that he is a humble
person and would like to be her husband. Mr Wickfield shouts angrily that
Uriah is a monster! He has taken everything; his good name, his business, his
home – but he will never take her! David tries to calm him down while Uriah
reminds Mr Wickfield that he needs him and he is nothing without him.
8. David leaves for London but asks Agnes to promise him that she will never
marry Uriah for any reason. Agnes replies that she wants to take care of her
father and she’s not afraid of Uriah.
9. He follows Agnes’s advice and writes to her aunts, who agree to let him visit
Dora regularly, which he does every Saturday and Sunday. Mr Spenlow’s
office closes – since he died – and David needs another job. He continues to
work as Dr Strong’s secretary and as a newspaper reporter for Parliament.
Whenever he has free time he writes short stories which are published and he
is very pleased with the money he earns.
10. Dora’s aunts agree to their marriage. Aunt Betsey, Mr Dick, Agnes, Peggotty, Traddles and many other friends come to their wedding. David doesn’t remember much about the wedding except that Dora was the most beautiful bride in her white wedding dress.
11. Dora and David move to a small house and Aunt Betsey and Mr Dick live
nearby. The problem is that neither Dora nor David know anything about
managing a house! That’s why their servants manage them! The first servant
is lazy, serves their meals late and steals all their silver spoons. The second is
even worse. She burns the meat and the house is untidy.
12. She asks him not to be angry with his ‘little Dora’ because she’s just a silly girl, not as clever or practical as he is. She doesn’t understand these things and
wants David to think of her as his child-wife.
13. He loves Dora and her happiness is important to him, so he doesn’t try to
change her. Instead, he carries all their problems on his shoulders.
14. Dora becomes ill and doesn’t get better. She is very weak and can’t walk by
herself. David has to carry her downstairs every morning and upstairs every night and Aunt Betsey comes to look after her every day. Dora is always pretty
and cheerful, but David is worried about her health.