Narrator: (John) This is the story of Oliver Twist, a boy who was born in a workhouse – a house for very poor people. His mother was very ill when she came to the workhouse, she gave birth to a beautiful baby and then died. Oliver lived in an orphanage until he was nine years old and then was taken to a workhouse. People there were given very little food, so they were always  hungry and unhappy. When Oliver dared to ask for a second bowl of  porridge ……

Oliver : ( Catherine ) Please sir, I want some more, I’m so hungry.

Master : ( Ioannikios ) What??!! What??!!

Oliver : ( Catherine ) Please sir, I want some more, I’m so hungry.

Master: (Ioannikios ) Mr Bumble, please come here!

Narrator: ( John) Mr Bumble who was an important officer in the town rushed in.

Mr Bumble: ( Filip ) What’s this nonsense?

Master: ( Ioannikios ) This young boy asked for more porridge.

Mr Bumble: (Filip  ) What? Did I hear correctly? Come with me immediately!

Narrator: ( John ) He took poor Oliver to the directors’ office who decided that ……

Everybody:    This boy must leave the workhouse immediately!!

Narrator: (Eric) Mr Bumble decided to ask his friend Mr Sowerberry, whose job was to make coffins, if he needed a boy.

Mr Bumble: (Filip) Do you need a boy to work in your shop? We’ll give you 5 pounds if you take him.

Mr Sowerberry: (Constantine) Hmm, yes I need a boy and I need the 5 pounds. I’ll take him.

Narrator: ( Eric) Mr Bumble took Oliver to Mr Sowerberry’s shop.

Mr Bumble: (Filip) Good evening. Here’s the boy Mr Sowerberry.

Mr Sowerberry: (Constantine) Mrs Sowerberry come here please. Come and see the new boy.

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) Oh, dear. He’s so small and thin.

Mr Bumble:(Filip ) Yes, he’s small but children grow you know.

Mrs Sowerberry: ( Anna) Children grow if you give them food to eat. This boy is going to cost us a lot of money; he looks hungry. Well, the dog isn’t here   tonight so you can eat his food. There are some pieces of cold meat.

Narrator: (Eric) Oliver ate quickly and happily.

Mrs Sowerberry: ( Anna) Now, come with me. I’ll take you to your bed. It’s in the shop. You can sleep there with the coffins. Good night!

Narrator: (Eric ) Oliver was scared and wondered if the coffins were empty, but he was very tired and soon fell asleep on the cold floor. The next morning    Oliver woke up and heard a loud noise outside the shop. Someone was    kicking the door. It was Noah Claypole.

Noah: (Ioannikios) Open this door!! Are you the new boy?

Oliver: (Catherine) Yes, sir.

Noah: (Ioannikios) How old are you?

Oliver: (Catherine) I’m ten, sir.

Noah: (Ioannikios) Well, I’m Noah Claypole! You work under me, is that clear? Now open the windows immediately!

Narrator: (Eric) Noah didn’t like Oliver and was often mean to him. One day he started asking questions about Oliver’s mother.

Noah: (Ioannikios) So, where were you born?

Oliver: (Catherine) At a workhouse, sir.

Noah: (Ioannikios) And what’s your mother’s name?

Oliver: (Catherine) I don’t know, sir.

Noah: (Ioannikios) Then your mother must have been some kind of criminal, who was hiding from the police!

Oliver: (Catherine) Don’t say those things about my mother!

Noah: (Ioannikios) I’ll say whatever I want. Your mother was a  murderer who escaped from prison and hid in a workhouse ….

Oliver: (Catherine) Stop! Stop!

Narrator: (Eric) Oliver was furious and started hitting Noah hard. Mrs Sowerberry heard the two boys fighting and ran to separate them.

Noah: (Ioannikios) Help! Someone help me! He’s killing me!

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) What’s going on in here? Oliver, stop, right now!

Narrator: (Ariadne) Mrs Sowerberry started hitting Oliver and locked him in a small, dark room.

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) Listen Noah, go and call Mr Bumble quickly!

Noah: (Ioannikios) Yes, ma’am, Mrs Sowerberry. (crying)

Narrator: (Ariadne)   Noah ran out of the shop and went to look for Mr Bumble.

Noah: (Ioannikios) Mr Bumble, sir, something terrible has just happened! Oliver wanted to kill me and Mrs Sowerberry. Please come with me and help us!

Mr Bumble: (Filip) What? Come on boy, let’s go!

Narrator: (Ariadne) When they got to the shop Mr Bumble cried:

Mr Bumble: (Filip) Oliver!

Oliver: (Catherine) Open the door! I want to get out of this dark room!

Mr Bumble: (Filip) Do you know this voice Oliver?

Oliver: (Catherine) Yes, Mr Bumble, I do.

Mr Bumble: (Filip) Aren’t you afraid, Oliver?

Oliver: (Catherine) No, I’m not.

Mr Bumble: (Filip) What?! You’re not afraid?

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) He’s mad!

Mr Bumble: (Filip) No, he’s not mad, it’s the meat!

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) What do you mean?

Mr Bumble: (Filip) You gave him too much meat to eat Mrs Sowerberry. Meat makes them strong. At the workhouse we always give them porridge, and this never happens.

Mrs Sowerberry: (Anna) Oh, dear, I was too kind with that boy!

Narrator: (Ariadne)  When Mr Sowerberry came home that evening, Mrs Sowerberry told  him everything that had happened. He went to the dark room and hit  Oliver too, but he forgot to lock the door. Early, the next morning, Oliver saw that the door wasn’t locked and decided to run away. He didn’t know where to go, so he just walked and walked. When he got tired he sat near a milestone to rest. The milestone said: London 70 miles.

Oliver: (Catherine) London! What a big city! Mr Bumble certainly can’t find me in a big city like London! Some old men at the workhouse said that a young boy can easily find work there. I’ve never seen a big city! That’s where I’ll go!

Narrator: ( Eric  ) Now, Oliver knew where he was going and this made him feel happy. Oliver walked about twenty miles the first day, and twelve the second. At night he slept near the road. He didn’t have much money, so he was terribly hungry and on the seventh day, he was weak and exhausted. He reached a little town outside London, where he sat to rest because he couldn’t walk any further. A strange boy saw him and asked him what was the matter. He was about Oliver’s age but he was quite short and wore a long man’s coat and a man’s hat. Oliver told him his sad story. The strange boy listened to him and said:

Dodger: (Constantine) Don’t worry! Come with me! I can help you!

Narrator: (   Panos ) He took Oliver to an inn where they sat down and ate some bread and cold meat. The strange boy paid for the food.

Oliver: (Catherine) Thank you. Now I feel much better.

Dodger: (Constantine) Are you going to London?

Oliver: (Catherine) Yes, I am.

Dodger: (Constantine) Do you need a place to sleep?

Oliver: (Catherine) Oh, yes I do! I’ve slept outside in the cold and the rain for seven nights.

Dodger: (Constantine) Stay with me! I know an old man in London and you can sleep in his house.

Oliver: (Catherine) Really??

Dodger: (Constantine) Yes, of course.

Oliver: (Catherine) You’re very kind, thank you. What’s your name?

Dodger: (Constantine) My name’s Jack Dawkins, but everyone calls me the artful Dodger. And what’s your name?

Oliver: (Catherine) My name is Oliver Twist.

Narrator: (Panos)  Together the two boys walked all the way to London. When they arrived in London it was almost eleven o’clock and it was a cold wet night. The  streets were narrow and dark. The houses were old, dirty and ugly. There was an awful smell everywhere. They stopped in front of an old, black house. They went up some broken stairs and entered a room with a lot of young boys. An ugly old man was sitting near the fire. His clothes were old and dirty.

Fagin: (John) Hello! I’m Fagin. Happy to meet you.

Oliver: (Catherine) Good evening, sir. My name’s Oliver Twist.

Narrator: (Panos)   Oliver couldn’t stop looking at all the handkerchiefs that were hanging in  the room.

Fagin: (John) We’ve just washed them. I’m sure you’re hungry. Sit down and eat some meat and bread.

Narrator: (Panos)    The next morning when Oliver woke up Fagin was preparing a cup of  coffee for breakfast.

Fagin: (John) Hmm, the boy is still asleep. Now, I can look at my treasure.

Narrator: (Panos) He quietly took a box from a secret place under the floor. He opened it and took out many splendid jewels and beautiful watches. Suddenly he turned around and saw that Oliver wasn’t sleeping.

Fagin: (John) Why are you awake?

Oliver: (Catherine) Oh, I’m sorry sir, I’ve just opened my eyes.

Fagin: (John)  Did you see those pretty things in the box?

Oliver: (Catherine) Yes, sir, I did.

Fagin: (John) Well, you know, I’m an old man and they’re all I have. Now get up and go and wash your face. Then you can have breakfast with the other boys.

Oliver: (Catherine) Fagin must be a miser. He lives in such an old, dirty place and yet he has so many jewels and watches.

Narrator: (Panos) At that moment Dodger and his friend Charley Bates arrived.

Fagin: (John)  Well, did you boys work hard this morning?

Dodger: (Constantine) Yes, we did.

Fagin: (John) Well, let’s see.

Dodger: (Constantine) Here are some wallets.

Fagin: (John)  Are they full?

Dodger: (Constantine) Yes, they’re nice and full.

Fagin: (John)  And what about you, Charley?

Charley: (Anna)  Look, here are some good handkerchiefs.

Fagin: (John) Good! You boys worked hard this morning. Well, Oliver, the Dodger and Charley are two good boys, aren’t they?

Oliver: (Catherine) Yes, sir, they certainly are.