NARRATOR (Thanasis): Pip was a young boy who didn’t have a mother or father. He lived with his sister and her husband Joe, on the marshes, near the great River Thames.

NARRATOR (Helen): A strange old lady lived in a big house in the village. Her name was Miss Havisham. One day, she asked to see Pip. So Pip’s uncle had to take Pip to her house. Pip’s sister and Joe talked to him about Miss Havisham.

SISTER (Katianna) : Miss Havisham is very rich. She’s got a lot of money and jewels. You must be good with her Pip. Perhaps she wants to give you a lot of money.

JOE (Alex) : Good luck, Pip. Be careful. Some people say Miss Havisham is mad.

NARRATOR (Helen): Pip’s uncle, Mr Pumblechook, took Pip to her house. It was called Satis House. A beautiful, young girl opened the gate for Pip.

ESTELLA (Marialena): Come in, boy! Miss Havisham wants to see you. But I don’t like you. Your boots are dirty and your hands are rough.

PIP (Dennis) : Is Miss Havisham your mother?

ESTELLA (Marialena): No, I haven’t got a mother or father. I live with Miss Havisham and she gives me everything. But don’t ask questions, boy!

PIP (Dennis) : The room is very dark. What a strange lady! She is wearing a very old, yellow wedding dress. And all the clocks say the same time: twenty to nine.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Hello, Pip. Well, Estella, do you like Pip?

ESTELLA (Marialena): No, he isn’t a gentleman. He’s a blacksmith’s boy.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): And Pip, do you like Estella?

PIP (Dennis) : She’s very beautiful.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Pip thinks you are beautiful Estella. So break his heart!

NARRATOR (John) : Pip often visited Miss Havisham and Estella. Sometimes, they played cards and sometimes, they sang. But Estella was always proud. Pip began to love her, but she didn’t  love him.

NARRATOR (Thanasis): One day Miss Havisham took him into a special room. There was  a long table with a very old wedding cake on it. There were spiders and mice everywhere.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Today is my birthday, Pip. Help me around the table. This is my wedding cake from a long time ago.

PIP (Dennis) : But where is her husband?

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): I hate men. I’m teaching Estella to hate men too, Pip. You are only a boy. But when you are a man, you must leave Satis House for ever.

PIP (Dennis) : But I want to marry Estella.

ESTELLA (Marialena): Silly boy! I hate you!

NARRATOR (Helen) :  One day Pip met another boy in the garden, Herbert.

HERBERT (John) : Let’s fight. I’m very strong.

PIP (Dennis) : I don’t want to fight. It’s stupid.

HERBERT (John) : No it isn’t. Fighting is the sport of gentlemen.

NARRATOR (Thanasis): Pip hit Herbert and he fell down. He got up and Pip hit him again. He fell down. He got up and Pip hit him a third time. He fell down again.

HERBERT (John) : You’re the winner.

ESTELLA (Marialena): Well done, Pip. You can kiss me if you want. (Pip kisses Estella) Now Miss Havisham wants to say goodbye to you.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): This is the last time, Pip. I don’t want to see you again. Here’s some money. You must be a blacksmith.

PIP (Dennis) : But I want to see Estella again. I love her!

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): I’m sending Estella to Paris. She’ll become a lady. But you’re a blacksmith, Pip. You must work with Joe Gargery.

NARRATOR (Alex) : Pip worked with Joe. He loved Joe and Joe loved him but Pip was unhappy because he wasn’t a gentleman. He was eighteen years old now.

NARRATOR (John) : One day, a man came to see Pip. His name was Mr Jaggers. He was a lawyer from London. He told Pip that someone wanted to give him a lot of money. Pip must go to London and  learn to be a gentleman.

NARRATOR (Katianna): Pip thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor. He went to live in a house in the centre of London. In the same house he met Herbert Pocket.

HERBERT (Alex) : Hello. My name’s Herbert.

PIP (Thanasis) : Hello. I’m Pip. I remember you. You’re the boy from Miss Havisham’s garden!

HERBERT (Alex) :Yes, now I remember you too! But we can be friends now. I want to show you London. My father is a teacher. He can help you to be a gentleman.

PIP (Thanasis) : Then I can marry Estella.

HERBERT (Alex) : Be careful, Pip.  Miss Havisham hates men. Many years ago, she was in love. But on the day of her wedding, the man didn’t come to the church. The time was twenty to nine! Estella hates men too.

NARRATOR (John): Pip learnt to be a gentleman. He learnt to speak like a gentleman. He learnt to eat like a gentleman.

NARRATOR (Marialena): Estella came back from Paris. She was a lady and Pip was a gentleman. Pip went to visit Miss Havisham at Satis House and met Estella. Pip thought that Miss Havisham was his benefactor.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): You’re rich now, Pip. But you don’t know the name of your benefactor.

PIP (Thanasis) : That’s true, Miss Havisham. But, I want to thank my benefactor.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Good. Look, here is Estella.

PIP (Thanasis) : You’re very beautiful, Estella.

ESTELLA (Helen) : Ah, it’s the blacksmith’s boy. You’re a gentleman now! Your shoes are clean!

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Is she beautiful, Pip?

PIP (Thanasis) : Yes, she is.

MS HAVISHAM (Melina): Love her, Pip. Love her, love her, love her! (Pause) Estella! Break his heart!

NARRATOR (Katianna):  Estella came to London. She and Pip were friends but she met and danced with a lot of different men. Pip was jealous. One evening, at a party, he was angry.

PIP (Thanasis) : Estella, please don’t dance with other men! Don’t smile at them! Marry me! I’m a gentleman now, and I love you.

GENTLEMAN (John):  Do you want to dance, Miss Estella?

ESTELLA (Helen) : Yes, thank you sir. Goodbye, Pip.

PIP (Thanasis) : What can I do? Herbert tells me to forget Estella. But I love her.

HERBERT (Alex) : Meet my friends, Pip. Let’s drink together.

STUDENT (Dennis): Let’s drink to our lady friends. Drummle who is your special friend?

DRUMMLE (John) : To Estella. The most beautiful woman in London!

PIP (Thanasis) : You can’t drink to Estella. You don’t know her.

DRUMMLE (John) : Why not? I know her well. She’s my special friend. I often dance with her.

PIP (Thanasis) :   You’re lying.

HERBERT (Alex) :   Be careful. Everyone’s listening.

NARRATOR (Dennis): They met again the following week.

DRUMMLE (John) :  Here’s a letter from the lady. Everyone can read it. (Drummle reads) Yes, I know Mr Drummle. Sometimes I dance with him. Estella.

PIP (Thanasis) :   I’m sorry Mister Drummle. You’re right. You aren’t a liar.

DRUMMLE (John) :  And you, sir, are not a gentleman.

STUDENTS : Ha ha! Ha ha!

NARRATOR (Dennis): Pip went to see Estella.

PIP (Thanasis) : Estella, why do you see Bentley Drummle?

ESTELLA (Helen) : I know a lot of men, Pip. I’m very beautiful. Miss Havisham gives me a lot of money. They all want to marry me.

PIP (Thanasis) :   But, Estella, Drummle is a terrible person. He’s cruel and stupid.

ESTELLA (Helen) : I like cruel, stupid, rich men. Remember, Pip. I haven’t got a heart.

NARRATOR (Alex): Biddy wrote a letter to Pip. She told him that Pip’s sister, Joe’s wife, was dead. Pip went back to the village. After the funeral he spoke to Biddy.

BIDDY (Katianna): Joe is very sad, Pip. You never write to him or visit us.

PIP (Thanasis) : I’m sorry Biddy. But don’t worry. I want to visit Joe often now. My sister is dead and he is alone.

BIDDY(Katianna): But … I can’t believe you, Pip. You’re a gentleman now and you don’t want to remember Joe and me.

PIP (Thanasis) : No, Biddy. I remember you all.

BIDDY (Katianna): It isn’t true. Pip only thinks about Satis House. He forgets his real friends.